For heart disease, blocked arteries, etc.

we recommend:




LIPID PROFILES: Suggested to be done from your physician when you start program.

It will save you money if you get some of these from your own physician. If you prefer, you can do lipid tests as well as blood sugar tests through our lab. You can then tale the results to your regular MD for your medical records as well.

BLOOD SUGAR PROFILES:– from your physician when you start our program.

This will tell you if you are tending towards diabetes at this time.

If you already have diabetes, it will be a baseline before you start a program after which you can recheck and see how you are doing.

INFLAMMATORY MARKERS: In addition we would order for you inflammatory markers and if you have any history of heart disease, we would suggest that you do these tests.


The lab can also come to your house and draw blood at an additional fee.

More details if you prefer this option.


The lab is an independent entity and has nothing to do with the Integrative Institute for Health and Healing or their programs. They are simply providing our patients a service just like your local grocery store sells you your foods that we suggest, and  is not connected in any way with Integrative Institute for Health and Healing.

Healthy Heart